KRA PIN Registration for Limited Company

KRA PIN Registration for Limited Company

KRA PIN for Company is an essential tax obligation which has to be met by every business intending to operate in Kenya.

Why You Need KRA PIN for Limited Company?

  • To open company bank accounts
  • To make KRA Monthly Returns
  • To apply for Tax Compliance Certificate
  • To apply for tenders
  • To setup ETR Machine

What It DOES Include

  • Online KRA PIN/VAT & Password will be emailed to you.
  • Instruction on how to print your KRA PIN/VAT will also be sent to your email.

What It DOES NOT Include

  • Data Loading – If you are unable to do your own Data Loading, we can help with that. Just click here to find out more.
  • Printed Copy – we do not print PIN certificates, you will have to do that yourself with our instructions.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE! KRA has disabled the ITMS system that is used for registering PIN as they are migrating all tax services to the new iTax system. Dealpoa Team will soon find out the changes KRA has made and what it will mean to you. Learn more!


  • By Timothy Kiroga 20 Apr 2011

    how do I make the payment?

  • By Dealpoa Team 08 May 2011

    Timothy, Dealpoa is currently putting up iPay payment system and it will be running starting next week. You will be able to make payment from Mpesa, Zap, Yu Cash!

  • By EVANS ONDIMU 13 May 2011

    hi sir plz iam a student and i want to apply for helb loans i have successively regestered for KRA pin plz assist me with the pin.

    • By Dealpoa Team 19 May 2011

      Hello Evans, did you say you’ve already registered your KRA PIN? Whom did you register with?

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  • By hellen 24 Feb 2012

    is KRA pin is the same as company pin?

    • By Dealpoa Team 17 Mar 2012

      Hello Hellen, KRA PIN for a company & Company PIN is the same. Indeed what you need for your company to perform KRA Returns, Open Bank Accounts etc.

  • By edward mumbah katana 01 Mar 2012

    how do i make the payment for registering a limited company

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  • By SAMUEL 08 Oct 2012


    My company was registered in 2008, and the i moved to new employment hence my company ceased operation. Now i want to have the company operating fully Now i have a partner and we want to have the company registered as a limited companty and register for taxes-VAT. how do we move on and what are your charges to handle these.



    • By Dealpoa 10 Oct 2012

      Did you close or wind-up that company that you had opened on 2008, was it a limited company or sole proprietor. In regards to the limited company, we have sent you the details on your email. Kindly confirm

  • By Edwin Leting 05 Dec 2012

    My company was incorporated in November and I would like to process its PIN asap to enable me open bank account. How can I go do it within the shortest possible period?

    • By Dealpoa 08 Dec 2012

      Hi Edwin, we can process the KRA PIN for your company. Kindly fill this form and we shall be able to do it in the shortest time. Thanks, Dealpoa Team

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  • By Abdulrazak 27 Jan 2013

    Hi guys, kudos to the services you provide. I formed a company and registered it in january of 2012 however i was very busy and i wasnt able to do any business last year. I havent registered for a pin for the business. Also my personal pin has a problem because when i try logging into the kra site it says my pin has been blocked. I want you to register the firms pin and fix the problem with my own pin. What will be the total cost and time to fix my pin and register the firms pin?

    • By Dealpoa 10 Feb 2013

      Hi Abdulrazak, in regards to your personal PIN you will need to go to KRA Times Tower if you are in Nairobi to have that issue fix. They will be able to fix it. As for the KRA PIN for Company, that we can assist you. All we need to make sure if your Certificate of Incorporation & Article of Association has been data loaded at KRA to enable us to register. Also you need to have your personal KRA PIN to be online as well for it to work

  • By GRACE WAMAITHA 08 Feb 2013

    hello i want a KRA pin because i want to apply for a loan on helb so that i can continuel with my edcation in cllege

    • By Dealpoa 10 Feb 2013

      Hi Grace, thanks for making an inquiry with Dealpoa. As for KRA PIN for Individual, click here and fill the form so we could assist you further

  • By GITANYA 16 May 2013

    i want to register a company but i`m not conversant with the charges regarding the certificate,kindly help. GITANYA 0724317010

  • By Festus 18 Aug 2013

    Hi,thanx alot for the important info you offer here.I stumbled upon it but trust me I have bookmarked the site.Then how much wl it cost to register a company on line for cosultancy services-everything including the the amount for for my nominal capital?2ndly are you members of the just newly launched on line registration programme?

    • By Dealpoa 26 Oct 2013

      Is the business you want us to help you register a Limited Company or Sole proprietor?

  • By Joe 22 Aug 2013

    Hi, Good work must commend.

    Am currently pursuing the pin for our company. However i need to find out two things: Do you have any information on tax compliance(how to do the monthly returns…etc, or anything else required of the company by Kra/Govt) and if yes, at what cost?

    I was recently asked for a company seal by my bank,so that i will be able to open the company account, where or how do i get this?

    • By Dealpoa 26 Oct 2013

      Thanks for the compliments Joe! Now as for the tax compliance, is the business sole proprietor or limited company. The reason is because the requirements vary from different entity. As for the Company Seal, you can get it from Seal Honey. They usually go for Ksh. 3000 (if you want it within 3 days) or Ksh. 4200 (if you want it within 1 day). Hope you will find that information useful!

  • By Jessica 28 Oct 2013

    Hi! Am working with a company that was initially exempt and now its taxable. We have a PIN and the certificate of compliance. How do I get the certificate of registration. Offices in Mombasa and Nairobi.

    • By Dealpoa 15 Nov 2013

      Hello Jessica, is this for a Limited company or Sole proprietor business? If you have a KRA PIN, all you need to do is to enable the tax obligation (VAT 3)

  • By Jack 18 Jan 2014

    Halo, I together with my partner are intending to start a partnesrship company, however we do not know the procedure of ensuring its registratio. We would wish to register it asap. What is required of us, and what is the duration for the complete registration. Give an account of the cost as well as the documents needed. Thanks.

  • By Njeri 27 Feb 2014

    Please send a contact number that works, the one displayed is offline.i wanted to contract you to do data loading and company pin registration on my behalf.

  • By Patrick 30 Apr 2014

    We registered a limited company on July 2013 together with the pin when do we start filling returns

  • By Walter 06 Jun 2014

    I have presented my originals and copy of certificate for incorporation with KRA offices times tower yesterday for data loading but upto now am not able to register for the pin?,how long thus it take kra to load my company details to their system.thank you

  • By edith 21 Aug 2014

    what are the requirements for getting a limited company’s PIN?

  • By ELIUD NGUNYI NDUNGU 25 Aug 2014

    need to register company pin online how will i get the form to apply

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