KRA VAT Registration for IndividualsDealpoa

KRA VAT Registration for Individuals

KRA VAT Registration for Individuals

Duration: up-to 48 hours (after requirements provided)

Requirements: You will need to provide ID details (ID No, Fullname), Date of Birth, District of Birth,  Postal Address, Phone number, Email Address.

Dealpoa can register for you KRA VAT for you as an Individual within 48 hours or less!

Please note that KRA sometimes experiences problems with their system and this could cause delays and affect the delivery time line. 


  • By cateh 05 Sep 2017

    Want to remove VAT on my KRA

  • By Nelson kitur 26 Jun 2017

    I lost my vat certificate how will i get it

  • By Nelson kitur 14 Feb 2017

    How do i get lost value added tax pin

  • By John 19 Jun 2014

    I have a business name but i want to get VAT Cert. and also register with the National treasury do you do that?

  • By james 04 Oct 2013

    how much is the vat reg no?

    • By Dealpoa 26 Oct 2013

      VAT nowadays has been merged with KRA PIN, it is simply a Tax Obligation that has to be enabled on your KRA PIN. Do you have a KRA PIN online generated number?

  • By kelvin 07 Nov 2012

    i want to open an electronic shop in nairobi, am looking for guideline on how i can get VAT machine and tax compliant certificate.

  • By Maurice Odoyo 21 Jun 2012

    I registered a business last year september and i have a registration certificate and a PIN, but busines is stil domant. For this i was sugesting not to register for the VAT now cos ones i register KRA will need me to do tax returns every month but the business does not make any income. Advice me abuot this thank you in advance.

  • By Dealpoa Team 01 Apr 2012

    Babes, you will need to visit KRA Times Tower, they should be able to reverse it for you.

  • By babes 29 Mar 2012

    i just registered for a pin certificate in kra website and was not sure of what obligation to select.i am a student about to join university hence no source of income.i chose tax vat and paye from the list and realized tax vat is not appropriate.i have not yet printed the pin it possible to delete the obligation vat tax?




  • By LINET AKINYI OLUOCH 14 Feb 2012

    please register me

  • By LINET AKINYI OLUOCH 14 Feb 2012

    I want to register for individual kra pin

    • By Dealpoa Team 15 Feb 2012

      Please email use the following details to so we can assist you further;

      – ID details (ID No, Fullname)
      – Date of Birth
      – District of Birth
      – Postal Address
      – Phone number
      – Email Address

  • By Catherine Wanza Nzola 07 Jan 2012

    registration form

  • By Duncan oluoch Onyango 06 Jul 2011

    I am Duncan Oluoch Onyango ID Number; 28532450, Date of birth 09/07/1991. I have been trying to register online for KRA pin but i have not succeeded several times so may you help me register now. I am registering for educational purpose.

  • By i have applied for pin and have not received any feedback 27 May 2011

    please help to get my pin id 24628016

  • By bonface gituma 03 May 2011

    I want to apply for kra pin.

  • By Kenyan Blogger 07 Apr 2011

    How do i register a business name, VAT & PIN all in one!

  • By victoria okumu 05 Apr 2011

    kindly assist me in obtaining my kra pin…..thanks

    • By Dealpoa Team 06 Apr 2011

      You will need to email us at the following information; ID details (ID No, Fullname), Date of Birth, District of Birth, Postal Address, Phone number and Email Address. It will cost only Ksh. 300 and take 48 hours to register or money-back guaranteed.

  • By abuya newby jacob 24 Mar 2011

    kindlly assist

  • By abuya newby jacob 24 Mar 2011

    i’m applying for KRA PIN NUMBER please kindly assist.

    • By Dealpoa Team 06 Apr 2011

      You will need to provide ID details (ID No, Fullname), Date of Birth, District of Birth, Postal Address, Phone number, Email Address. Email those details to our email address which is It will cost only Ksh. 300 and take up-to 48 hours to register.

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