4 Steps On How To Print KRA PIN For Individual

4 Steps On How To Print KRA PIN For Individual

We have been able to set up 4 simple step tutorial on how you can print your KRA PIN once it has been registered.
IMPORTANT UPDATE! KRA has disabled the ITMS system that is used for registering PIN as they are migrating all tax services to the new iTax system. Dealpoa Team will soon find out the changes KRA has made and what it will mean to you. Learn more!

Step 1: How To Access KRA Portal

Click Here To Access KRA Online Service

Once you have been able to access that page, it should look like the screenshot below.

You will now be required to enter your Identification which in this case will be your KRA PIN Number.

As for the password, you should have received it on your email. If not, kindly request it from the person whom registered your KRA PIN. If that doesn’t succeed, I’m afraid you will need to go to KRA Times Tower and request it to be reset including your email address.

Step 2: Dashboard

Once you have login in, you should be able to see the screenshot below. Now in order to print your KRA PIN, you will need to click on the link “Registration Certificate” which is under “Registration Application“.

Step 3: Query Information – Certificate Registry

All you need to do in this step is simply click on the “Enquire” button.

Step 4: Taxpayer Registration Certificate

That’s it! You can now be able to access your official KRA PIN. All you need to do now is simply make sure that a printer is connected to your computer and then simply click on the printer button on top right of that page.

It’s all done now. It was that simple, right :) If you loved this tutorial, leave a comment below or tell your friends by sharing it!

Printer Photo Courtesy of iconarchive.com

Screenshots Courtesy of KRA Portals Website


  • By Lenson 09 May 2015

    I applied for Pin but someone deleted the notification in my mail inbox before i printed

    • By Dealpoa 12 May 2015

      Hello Lenson, You will need to visit KRA office with your ID to request for another email to be resent to you.

  • By mike 01 May 2015

    It’s not “am afraid”, it’s “I’m afraid”…

    Nice job though.

    • By Dealpoa 12 May 2015

      Duly noted. Thanks for that correction and we have made the changes.

  • By nephat 05 Mar 2015


  • By BOSIRE MALACK 19 Feb 2015

    I lost my KRA PIN Certificate and a cat recall the pin nor the secret work …plz help me with procedure of printing one or send me a copy to print inr- bosiremalack@yahoo.com

  • By Alex 07 Feb 2015

    Thanks, great help

  • By CHARLES 03 Feb 2015

    Thank you guys.Useful

  • By Ms. George 29 Jan 2015

    This is so helpful before i found this site i had been roaming through KRA website for nearly 3hours. Thank you

  • By Georginah 28 Jan 2015

    I registered my KRA PIN but I cant remember my password and need to download . Kindly advise.

  • By Ruth 26 Jan 2015

    I have the pin but i cannot log in, and i need to print the certificate because i do not have it. what to do?

  • By Jimmy 19 Jan 2015

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  • By Mary 14 Nov 2014

    Thanks i followed the steps and i was able to print my PIN Certificate

  • By Andrew Ochieng 11 Nov 2014

    Thumbs up, work made easier! God Bless!

  • By FLORAH 30 Sep 2014

    i have my pin no. but am unable to print my pin certificate so frustrating

  • By John 29 Sep 2014

    Very helpful..thanks.

  • By PENINAH 23 Sep 2014

    I urgently need this certificate

  • By PENINAH 23 Sep 2014

    hello please help ,I want to print my KRA pin but my pin is blocked. I don’t understand why because when I check to verify it gives me my details

  • By Zameer Khan 15 Sep 2014

    Hi, I have a PIN number but lost the print out. I can remember the PIN number. How do i get my print out using my ID number only?

  • By Gabriel 02 Sep 2014

    Hi im gabriel, i have a pin and an email address that i used to apply for my KRA Certificate but when i try to enter details , im told the pin i entered is not registered in ITMS.

  • By francisca odindi 01 Sep 2014

    I kindly request if possible send me a copy of my KRA pin certificate. My pin is A003955457m

  • By don 23 Aug 2014

    I have tried to register using my phone but I enter all the details till year of birth but nothing else is displayed .so how is my kra pin be send yet their is nowhere I can fill my adress

  • By Fredrick Mwirigi 22 Aug 2014

    Hello dealPoa, Thank you for your kind assistance, I’m currently abroad on school and i have lost my PIN, i would like to seek your assistance on recovering it, i registered for a PIN long before all this E-business came to be a reality, if there is anyway you can assist me i will really appreciate it, thank you.

  • By Yvonne 11 Aug 2014

    I seldom drop remarks, but I looked through a few responses here 4 Steps On How To Print KRA PIN For IndividualDealpoa. I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Is it just me or does it give the impression like a few of these remarks appear like they are coming from brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are writing at additional sites, I’d like to follow you. Could you list of all of your shared sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  • By Okanda Joseph 01 Aug 2014

    I really appreciate the good work and how easy you make it for people who have tight schedules like me to carry the donkeys load on our behalf.

  • By Oliver Omondi 31 Jul 2014

    How do I get a tax agent to submit my application to complete registration for my pin.

  • By derick mbogani mudave 24 Jul 2014

    hi kra i want to print my pin certificate online but i have forgoten my password and email used please assist

  • By jared 21 Jul 2014

    i cant print a certificate but i have the pin number, how can i generate it coz i need the certificate

  • By laban 02 Jul 2014

    Thanks it work

  • By Peterchemandwa 29 Jun 2014

    Please i tried to apply my kra pin,through mapato 1 but it can’t validate my identification ,please help.

  • By Peterchemandwa 29 Jun 2014

    Please i tried to apply my kra pin,through mapato 1 but it can validate my identification ,please help.

  • By ng'ang'a joyce muthoni 19 Jun 2014

    Please help i forgot my kra pin, I come to your offices for help and you advised me to write you an email.I have that done that many times and no response. Its argent please kindly help me.THANK YOU.

  • By wifoma pin No P0152464451D 16 Jun 2014

    I want to print the pin certificate No.P0152464451D

  • By evans mulama 14 Jun 2014

    i am trying to register my sister to get a KRA pin but it is impossible yet i have used the correct data

  • By Nick 10 Jun 2014

    How can I access my account when I have the pin number but I have forgotten the password?

  • By ed kip 06 Jun 2014

    this is just the best help thanks man

  • By Dickens 06 Jun 2014

    Why don’t the KRA send the certificates instead of these many process after registration? The first step of entering the PIN number/Security code and Password can even take you hours then fails. This is discouraging applicants and I must say I hate this.

  • By David Okech Achieng 27 Apr 2014

    We are requesting KRA to upgrade their online and instead of sending security seal a lone, send it together with pin certificate

  • By MrsMwiti 24 Apr 2014

    Thank you. This was of much help!

  • By richard 24 Apr 2014

    what are the requirements for one to print his/her kra pin certificate?

  • By HILLARY 23 Apr 2014

    the system does not send back the mail,and when you repeat it says its already registered, what can i do plz?

  • By MIKE 31 Mar 2014

    hi Kip,this looks awesome.After bumping into this site,i am encouraged to register a company.Give me more tips i would wish to own one, as soon as end of April.

  • By chemu 28 Mar 2014

    This was so helpful :-)

  • By richard 27 Mar 2014

    wat if am in thika town?

  • By richard 27 Mar 2014

    i registered my pin with wrong email,wat shld i do??

  • By Irene 26 Mar 2014

    I registered a pin yesterday and the pin was blocked as a result of several password trials.I contacted your customer care and was told it would be reset but it did not happen..would u please help because i urgently needed it.

  • By XAVIERA ACHACH 20 Mar 2014

    i applied for a a kra pin online nbut i dont have a pin nor do i have my password.
    the customer care number doesnt go through.

  • By Maureen 19 Mar 2014

    Hi i applied for the pin on thursday last week n was told the internet was low i went to their offices in Naivasha on Monday they gave me a tax payer pin when i used it,they replied that it was in valid what could the problem be?pliz help

  • By richard 15 Mar 2014

    I registered my k.r.a pin with wrong email,what should I do?

    • By Dealpoa 17 Mar 2014

      I believe you might have to go KRA offices physically to have that corrected for you. It shouldn’t take long if you went to Data Loading Section in Times Tower, that’s if you are in Nairobi.

  • By Sarah mwaura 12 Mar 2014

    TMu PIN has been blocked. The forgot password didd not work
    So where do I go from here. I need to file returns

  • By Hussein Noor 09 Mar 2014

    My ID/NO. Is 6878243. I was born in Wajir.

  • By Hussein Noor 09 Mar 2014

    I lost my KRA PIN No. I had registered in Garissa several years ago and I’ve migrated from the e-mail I used when I registered.

    • By Dealpoa 17 Mar 2014

      You can try and ring KRA Call Centre on Tel: +254 (020) 4999 999 or Cell: +254 (0711) 099 999. They should be able to help you.

  • By christiene mbote 01 Mar 2014

    thanks for you serves but i am not seeing new taxpayer i want to reg my client from Thursday what is wrong with the web

    • By Dealpoa 03 Mar 2014

      KRA has disabled the ITMS system that is used for registering PIN as they are migrating all users to the new iTax system. Here is the link to the new iTax Services

  • By lindah amalla 13 Feb 2014

    am unable 2read my security stamp

    • By Dealpoa 03 Mar 2014

      KRA has disabled the ITMS system that is used for registering PIN as they are migrating all users to the new iTax system. Here is the link to the new iTax Services


    i can not get my pin my password my KRA pin is A007876644N.
    pls assist

    • By Dealpoa 03 Mar 2014

      KRA has disabled the ITMS system that is used for registering PIN as they are migrating all users to the new iTax system. Here is the link to the new iTax Services

  • By wekesa 06 Feb 2014

    I obtained my PIN long before the online system came into operation. I misplaced my PIN card recently and I need a reprint and yet I was not issued with a password. Please advice

    • By Dealpoa 03 Mar 2014

      You will need to upload your KRA PIN details online. Do you remember the KRA PIN Number?

  • By Agnes 21 Jan 2014

    Okay am trying to print my pin no but I cant because when loading I need a password and I did not apply it online so I am asking for an assistance

  • By warda 16 Jan 2014

    mi pin certificate misspell need to amend what are the procedure

  • By Johal 15 Jan 2014

    Hi dealPoa, Thanks for helping us out. I am in a bit of a dilemma. I am studying in Canada and need to renew my passport. The application form requires a PIN No. I have lost mine however I do my I.D No. 22621953. I tried calling KRA and didn’t get an answer and also sent emails to callcentre@kra.go.ke and Controlroom@kra.go.ke with attachments of my Passport, Birth Certificate, ID, and Canadian Study Permit but unfortunately both emails bounced back as the email addresses are no longer valid. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • By Dealpoa 04 Feb 2014

      Hello Johal, had you applied for KRA PIN online or manual version at KRA offices?

  • By James 09 Jan 2014

    I lost my KRA Pin certificate,is it possible to reprint again?kind help i find the hand copy is very important yet i lost it

  • By victoria 28 Nov 2013

    hi, i registered online but can’t get access now,it says my credentials are not valid(i have not changed my password).my pin is A0077113370 and ID NO.28386171.Any assistance will be appriciated

    • By Dealpoa 19 Dec 2013

      Hello Victoria, Did you apply your KRA PIN with us? Which internet browser are you trying to use while accessing KRA system?

  • By dj profesa 22 Nov 2013

    awesome was alot of help. thank you

  • By BOAZ KAKAI ISOKA 20 Nov 2013

    kindly assist me with the lost pin of BOAZ KAKAI ISOKA OF ID NO 20572477.

    • By Dealpoa 19 Dec 2013

      Hello Boaz, Did you register your KRA PIN online or manually at KRA offices?

  • By venux international ltd 18 Nov 2013

    I registered the company pin on line and was given a security stamp. In the process of opening and changing of the password i was mixed up and could not access to print the pin. please help.

    • By Dealpoa 19 Dec 2013

      Hello Venux, You can have the KRA Password reset. Do you have your KRA PIN for the company and also the email address that was used to register KRA PIN online?



  • By wyclef 12 Nov 2013

    hi,i downloaded a kra mobile on my android phone n it needs an activation key n i dont know.plz help me activate it.

    • By Dealpoa 15 Nov 2013

      Hello Wyclef, sorry we can’t be of help cause we are not KRA. We are service provider company that helps entrepreneurs register businesses and tax obligations. KRA Mobile App issue will need to be direct to KRA, they should be able to assist you. Thanks

  • By Job 09 Nov 2013

    hi,i can’t register for my PIN online,when i click on validate it doesn’t open the next page.What can i do?

    • By Dealpoa 15 Nov 2013

      Hello Job, which browser are you using? Try using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, they work most of the time

  • By Millicent 29 Oct 2013

    Hi, I applied for a pin online last month, but I have not yet received my PIN I’ve been checking my mails through out. how do I get it, kindly its urgent.

    • By Dealpoa 15 Nov 2013

      Hello Millicent, we have successfully registered your KRA PIN. Sorry for the delay. We have been receiving overwhelming request from the public. Kindly confirm if you have received the email. Thanks

  • By Tuchomoke 10 Oct 2013

    I Cannot thank you enough sir! Greatly Appreciated.

  • By henringetich@yahoo.com 07 Oct 2013

    Hi, i need your assistance here about this issue of PIN,know i register mine online sometimes back and trying to check its validity am told its not recognized,my ID no is 23601955.your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    • By Dealpoa 26 Oct 2013

      What’s your KRA PIN so we can check if it is valid? What error did you get?

  • By MERCY OMITI 02 Oct 2013

    Kindly assist me with my password to enable me reprint my PIN Certificate

    • By Dealpoa 26 Oct 2013

      Hello Mercy, did you register your KRA PIN with Dealpoa? If that’s the case, kindly provide us with your ID number so we can check how we can be of assistance

  • By Jadevela Evans Amadi 01 Oct 2013

    Hellow, my email that i used is no longer in use. my pin no is: A003307492A lost the mine. how do i get to print one online. Got registered in february 2005.

    • By Dealpoa 26 Oct 2013

      Hello Evans, You will need to either call KRA Customer Care or visit their offices to be assisted with the reset of your email address. You can do this in the Data Loading section.

  • By bethmeldy karimi njuki 28 Sep 2013

    How do i print my pin certificate.

  • By bethmeldy karimi njuki 28 Sep 2013

    How do i print my pin certificate

  • By sammy.kuri 20 Sep 2013

    Very helpful

    • By Dealpoa 27 Sep 2013

      You are most welcome Sammy! We are here to make people’s lives easier when it comes to legal & tax obligation issues!

  • By steve 17 Sep 2013

    very helpful.

  • By Dorcas 17 Sep 2013

    I cant get through the with the KRA PIN registration process.

    • By Dealpoa 27 Sep 2013

      Hello Dorcas, Are you trying to register using Dealpoa inquiry forms?

  • By BETHMELDYK NJUKI 16 Sep 2013

    Please how do i print my k.r.a pin certificate using my home printer?

    • By Dealpoa 27 Sep 2013

      Did you log in into KRA Mapato system using Mozilla Firefox (Internet Browser)? Cause for you to print, you need to login first then follow the instructions on this page above. Hope that helps, if not please send us an email to info@dealpoa.com so we can help you further.

  • By Caroline Kinyua 13 Sep 2013

    Woooow… i followed the steps and successfully got my pin certificate printed.

  • By SAMUEL 02 Sep 2013


  • By ibrahim 28 Aug 2013

    please help me register for a KRA pin..please please please

  • By EVELYN 27 Aug 2013

    cant procceed past the validation after i input all the details, can you help?

  • By Annonymous 23 Aug 2013

    Thanks for the clear instructions.

    • By Dealpoa 27 Sep 2013

      We are happy it helped! We are in the process of doing more instructions to help making life easier!

  • By mary 20 Aug 2013

    got the pin n password but cant get through

    • By Dealpoa 27 Sep 2013

      Which browser are you using? KRA System seems to not work with Google Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox.

  • By leaven namayi 13 Aug 2013

    how do i register on line??

  • By dennis 12 Aug 2013

    how do i print my pin cert incase i got it by applying manually long time ago- 2006

  • By mildred nasimiyu 02 Aug 2013

    i have registered for the kra pin but i have not gotten the pin return message

    • By Dealpoa 26 Oct 2013

      Hello Mildred, did you apply online or at KRA offices?

    • By Dealpoa 26 Oct 2013

      Hello Mildred, you will need to call KRA Customer Care (0711 099 999), they will be able to assists you with the issue!

  • By Kizito Wasike Mukhwana 01 Aug 2013

    I registered in 2001 and can’t remember my password. Kindly help me to reset so that I can print my PIN certificate online.

  • By stella 17 Jul 2013

    very helpful, thanx

  • By FREE KRA PIN Registration for Individuals in KenyaDealpoa 10 May 2013

    […] on how to print your own KRA PIN will be sent to your email […]

  • By Esther Wangechi 08 Apr 2013

    I cant get my pin and i have registered.

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